When the pandemic struck in the beginning of 2020, almost all businesses were facing the dilemma of no business or even had to shut down because of COVID rules and regulations. The restaurant industry in particular was one of the worst hit as people in lock-down weren’t allowed to go out to their favourite haunts. Many restaurants without an online presence even had to shut shop. Moved by the plight of these businesses owners, Meher Ali Khan, a vegetable vendor’s son from Goa launched direct online ordering platform with 0% commission for the benefit of small business owners.

His humble background and helping nature inspired him to help other business owners affected by the pandemic because from early age, he has been supporting the family in the business of vegetables &  fruits and understands when income is disrupted then entire family is affected.

Meher started his professional career journey by pursuing an MBA at Goa Institute of Management. After working in the finance industry in India for a few years, Meher moved on to the UAE to obtain international exposure. He worked for 5 years before finally venturing into his own in business. When business suffered at the start of the pandemic, he was forced to shift his entire setup online.

But shifting online is not simple for majority of businesses, especially when you have to pay 30% income as commission to online aggregators, this pushed Meher to start something which is simple to use and at the same time without any commission.

ServeOrder, launched by Rizmak Consultancy, is Software as a Service application that allows small companies receive and process orders using WhatsApp messenger. They will have an online menu that they can share as a LINK or QR code that will allow their customers to order online and they can receive it instantly. The system works well for restaurants, fruit and vegetable shops, small kirana stores, etc.

The system has the lowest starting price of INR 199.

Using ServeOrder offers business owners the following advantages:

  • Setup your business online in minutes. ServeOrder doesn’t require any special apps or website. Eliminates all the challenges associated with classical food ordering. Your customers do not need to install anything, just scan QR code or click on your link.
  • POS and CRM systems are inbuilt without any additional charge: no need to spend additional money to have separate POS or CRM system
  • Be where your customers are! Statistics prove that maximum free time is spent by people browsing social media sites. Use your business’ Facebook, Instagram or Google page to get more orders. Just paste your ServeOrder link on these pages and your customers can order directly by the click of a button
  • Keep your own customer database – ServeOrder allows you access to your own customer database which in turn helps to build loyalty and increase repeat orders.
  • No 20% to 35% Commissions to pay. You get 100% of all your sales.
  • No more waiting 7-15 days for your payments. Unlike most third party platforms that pay after a fortnight, ServeOrder allows you to instantly receive payments directly.
  • Guides the consumer through the ordering process with a simple interface experience.
  • Everybody can use it, no matter the age, tech knowledge or gadget they own. Converts tedious order typing to simple clicking. You get more orders.
  • Easy to promote and drive traffic to your restaurant or menu.
  • No more missed orders. All orders are recorded and sent to your WhatsApp number.
  • Easy to track the orders even on your smart phone, you can process orders.
  • Affordable fixed pricing allowing unlimited orders with no commissions.

ServeOrder offers the following features:

  • Leverage WhatsApp which has Billion plus active users worldwide.
  • QR code menu
  • POS system – you can make use of our POS or link ServeOrder to your existing POS
  • Accept payments using popular payment platforms
  • Offers one solution for online ordering, curb-side pickups and dine in guests.
  • Use your local currency & language.
  • No website required. If you have one, you can embed.
  • Webhooks to connect 3rd party applications like accounting software etc.
  • CRM gives you access to your entire customer database. It also gives advance analytics that can be useful to start your own loyalty program or to obtain repeat orders.
  • Simple and quick menu/order list setup
  • Item add-ons, variants possible.
  • Directory solves the issue of where they can get traffic to their link apart from their online presence.

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