Earn While Helping Local Businesses Get Orders Online.

✓ Get 100% Commission on first premium sign ups.
✓ A Must Have Tool for any Business 
✓ Works with any type of businesses (Kirana stores, Spices, Clothing, Food, and Electronics, etc.)


When orders come from one of the big ecommerce apps, businesses are charged as much as 35% commission or more. With ServeOrder.com, they get to keep 100% of the earnings whilst allowing them to give better deals to customers. The way it should be. You earn for each business that buys a premium plan.

Invite Your Local Businesses to Sign Up for an account using your link.

Help them Gain Online Presence for their Business.

They Get More Orders Online Using Our Platform.


How it works?

It’s the most simple and sophisticated way of going online and getting orders, your store is online and your customer see your store on website via link or QR code printed on the bill or pasted on your door

How I get the orders?

Your customers will place orders from your online store and you will get in your WhatsApp and app on your phone or computer.

Does it work for my business?

It can work for most businesses, from Restaurant, grocery, vegetable, meat, fish, cake, florist, gardening, garments, hardware, book store, electronics, sweet, jewelers, café and many more

Do I need a computer in the shop for this ?

NO, you need a smart phone only, if you have computer, it will be even better.

Can I use only my mobile ?

Yes, a Mobile or a Tablet is enough to run the entire system

Does my customer has to download my app ?

NO, it does not require you customer to download any app, they just need the link to your store

How does my customer know about this ?

You have to give the link to your customers via social media and/or share the QR code and/or message your customers via whatsapp the link and/or put it as a welcome message on whatsapp and/or put it on your Google my business page for online ordering and/or it will be printed on the bills

Do I have to be online all the time ?

NO, you don’t need to be online all the time, only keep your whatsapp online.

Can I have only pick up option ?

you can have delivery or pickup or self visit all options

Can I try this before I subscribe ?

Yes, you can try it for 1 month free of charge.

I don’t know how to use computer, how can I use it ?

If you know, how to use whatsapp, then you can use this system.